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Beats for the Studio #13

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This video will help you increase your wordplay for rapping and rhyming. Create better Hip Hop and Rap songs as well as increase your ability to freestyle.

By using the 5 word technique, you can increase your rhyming vocabulary instantly.

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Hey folks! **iDrop ARTIST TIP#5** Free beats, lease beats and exclusives, what are they and which do artists need? Leasing beats means that you are renting the beats from the producer. The terms for leasing “renting” the beat is set by the producer. When leasing, the producer provides enough rights for the artist to use the beat in a song or compilation for sale. Leasing is the best choice for artists who are serious about their craft enough to pay for beats but do not have the budget to buy the complete ownership of the beat. Some producers have time limits on leasing beats (e.g., 2 years), after which time the producer has the right to decide if they would like to extend further time to the artist. Some producers charge you a small fee when you first get the beat and then they won’t charge you again until you have sold a certain amount of copies of your recorded song. This helps artists on a budget to start making money before they have to start paying (usually the upgrade fee is small and quite reasonable). Keep in mind that 3 out of 10 arists will probably advance faster in their careers because Leased beats tend to have a better sound/quality than free beats and many artists try to get away with becoming stars off of free beats. As an artist everything you do towards your career will reflect the career itself. You can get but so far with free beats. At some point a serious artist will have to step their game up in order to get ahead of the next MC on the grind…..(to be continued). This **ARTIST TIP** has been brought to you by

Hey folks! **iDrop ARTIST TIP#4** Free beats, lease beats and exclusives, what are they and which do artists need? Free beats are FREE. You do not own any rights to the beat. These are best used for mixtapes and random singles. Often times free beats will not be producers best beats, but you can find some pretty good free beats around the net. Because these beats are free and you have no rights to them, it is best to also offer your finished recording for free. Also, many other artists are using the free beats, so selling your song will not give it any authenticity. Think of it as when Jay Z or Lil Wayne comes out with a new song, for the next month there are 50 songs on Youtube from independent artist using the same beat. Using the beat is good for publicity, good for getting a song recorded, and good for getting practice and working on your craft. You can’t copyright the entire song as a recording without permission from the producer, but you can copywrite your lyrics….(to be continued). This **ARTIST TIP** has been brought to you by

Hey folks! **iDrop ARTIST TIP#3** Breath control. Breath control is important every time you open your mouth to start rhyming. Whether you are up on stage or in the booth. On stage, breath control can be the difference between an outstanding performance or a wack one. In the booth, breath control or the lack there of can be heard on your vocal tracks. Yes, it’s true that engineers can add plug-ins, filter, gate and noise reduction. But, for every effect that is added to your vocal, a natural effect in your voice is taken away from the vocal. This **ARTIST TIP** has been brought to you by

Hey folks! **iDrop ARTIST TIP#2** Practice, practice, practice. Before you go to the studio, do your best to get as much practice with the songs you plan to record ahead of time. You really can waste a lot of time when you have to do multiple takes on your verse. Average song should take no longer than one (1) hour. 20 to 30 minutes recording and the rest of the time towards mixing. If you take longer to record your voice than the engineer takes to mix your track, then you are wasting time and money. This **ARTIST TIP** has been brought to you by

Hey folks! **iDrop ARTIST TIP#1** No matter what genre, you should always have your music posted to at least 2 websites. One main site where you will send all of your fans and a Youtube video. The Youtube video does not have to be a full music video, it can be an audio-visual with random pics and the music playing in the background. Many people browse sites like facebook with their cell/mobile phones. Because of this, the only videos that most phones can view are Youtube videos. This **ARTIST TIP** has been brought to you by